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Our agency is built on restaurants and artesian contractors. With decades of experience our agency has been able to craft an unbeatable program for these two classes of business, that is not only the most affordable, but also offers high end coverages. 


From front of house to back of house, we have all of your restaurant insurance needs covered.

Along with our carrier partners IPG Insurance has developed a program for Restaurants of all sizes, encompassing local establishments, franchises,  and food trucks. 

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Artesian Contractors 

Artesian Contractors work hard, and obtaining insurance coverage shouldn't add to that work. 

Our agency has crafted a program that provides GL, Workers Compensation, and Umbrella coverage that wont break the bank, and will leave your business with the coverage it needs. 

Alongside our glowing customer service, that wont leave you waiting around for a certificate of insurance, IPG insurance has you covered. 

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