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Peace of Mind. 

The IPG Back of House Restaurant Program is a comprehensive insurance solution designed specifically for restaurants. Back of house combines the power of two A-rated carriers, providing the highest level of protection and peace of mind for business owners. The program includes coverage for General Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Auto, ensuring that all aspects of the business are protected in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.


Back of House accepts a wide range of businesses, including franchises, local restaurants, and food trucks. This program is designed to be flexible and scalable, so that it can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and types.




With a focus on customer service and support, the IPG team is dedicated to providing you with the guidance and expertise you need to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

No matter the size

Catering to your needs

Ready to get started?

Click the link below, and lets get started. 

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Back of House.png
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